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Accessibility Plan

Survey reference point Item Action When
AAC/A12 Car parking for disabled clearly marked, signed and free from misuse. Alert staff of expectations regarding disabled parking. Relabel parking space. December 2015
AAC/A10 Signs to be visual, audible and tactile When signs replaced: ensure they are accessible to people of restricted movement, sight and hearing, as far as would be reasonably expected. As signs replaced
AAC/C09 Slow-action closers on all doors. Add to fire doors as priority and then to rest if doors over period of time using premises budget as stated in program of works. Fire doors first (academic year 2015/16) and then rest of doors to follow 2016/17.
AAC/C18 Induction loop Fit induction loop to school to aid communication for people with reduced hearing. As necessary due to needs of children and adults in school. Currently no hearing impaired families in school.
AAC/D06 Visual clues for orientation As signs replaced ensure they are pictorial and text and consistent throughout the school. As signs replaced
AAC/I03 Large versions of building plans and tactile plans. Ensure pack for school with plans in braille and larger print. Academic year 2015/16, when plans revised.
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