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St Peter ChanelCatholic Primary School

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Parents meetings

Starting Secondary School 2024

This is the information provided by the LA to support your application to secondary school. For further information, refer to the Secondary Admissions Booklet.




Maths Parent Meeting

On Thursday, 28th September we held a meeting to discuss how parents can help their children with Maths at school. The key message was to maintain positive language when talking baout maths, encouragng childreb that they can do it if they try and ask for help.

School Journey

This is the PowerPoint for the School Journey meeting held on Monday, 11th September for Year 6 parents.

Reading and phonics presentation

This is the PowerPoint that was used in the reading and phonics workshop for parents Monday, 7th October.

Year 6 SATs Presentation

This is the PowerPoint that was used in the Year 6 SATs parents meeting on Thursday, 5th May. 

MHST PowerPoint Presentation

This is the PowerPoint that was shared in the recent Mental Health Support Team Parent Workshop on 14th June. 

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