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St Peter ChanelCatholic Primary School

Inspire, Challenge & Empower so through Christ we make a difference

St Peter Chanel Parliament

At St Peter Chanel we have a Parliament Group which includes representatives from all KS2 classes.  Our group’s purpose is to provide a platform for all children to put their ideas across and we put them into practice to continually improve our school.  Our main purpose is to provide a safe and secure environment to enable all children to achieve their potential.

As PCP members we support all the local charities such as CAFOD, Mary’s Meals and Demelza House.  Our team of PCP members are supportive of the school and we also raise money to ensure that pupils in our school have the equipment needed for their education.  We have raised money from a toy sale for our school pupils.

Last year our main focus was around developing higher attendance which we think we did well. This year we are really aware of our environment and will be looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint.

Our PCP members are:

Year 3
Max and Lila

Year 4
Charlie and Ife

Year 5

Year 6

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