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St Peter ChanelCatholic Primary School

Inspire, Challenge & Empower so through Christ we make a difference

Home School Agreement

Our Mission

As a Catholic School we believe we are all children of Christ, a unique gift from God, and together we create a loving Christian community underpinned by common Gospel values.


  • Educate all children so they reach their full potential through a memorable and exciting curriculum that challenges and inspires them.
  • Have high expectations for learning and attitudes so that we all strive for excellence in everything we do.
  • Nurture spiritual and moral development so that we all act out the Christ in ourselves and see the Christ in others and develop a deep and confident relationship with God.
  • Empower children to become independent learners and thinkers so that they will make a difference.

We will do this as one family valuing the vital contribution of the school, home and parish in ensuring that our children receive the high standard of education they deserve in a happy, safe and nurturing environment.

Our Mission can be summarised as:

Through the love of Christ we

Inspire - Challenge - Empower

our children.

Pupil’s responsibilities

  • Strive to attain excellence in all its forms through full participation in the academic, sporting and extra-curricular activities of the school.
  • Strive to develop their understanding of their faith and take a full and active part in prayer and worship in the school.
  • Respect the rules and behaviour policy of the school at all times.
  • Respect every other pupil and staff member at the school and people in the surrounding community.
  • Tell a teacher if they are worried or concerned about any aspect of their schooling.
  • Attend school regularly and on time.
  • Wear the correct uniform and P.E kit.
  • Complete all assigned homework on time and to the best of his / her abilities.

Parent’s responsibilities

  • Work in partnership with the school and parish to develop the faith of the children so that they become confident and caring Catholics.
  • Ensure that your child attends school regularly and on time and notify the school early if your child is unable to attend and holidays are booked in holiday time only.
  • Ensure all appointments are arranged for outside school time or, when this is unavoidable, arrangements are made for siblings so they are not taken out of school.
  • Ensure that your child wears the correct uniform and that their P.E kit is brought to school.
  • Support the school by encouraging the good behaviour of your children.
  • Ensure homework assigned to your child/children is completed on time and assist your child with his / her homework to the best of your ability.
  • Encourage your children’s learning through extra-curricular activities and independent learning.
  • Inform the school of any change in your child’s circumstances or if you or they have any concerns regarding any aspect of their schooling.
  • Endeavour to support the school and your child by participating in any meetings or social activities that the school requests for them to attend.
  • Ensure any payments are made on time and in full and reply slips are returned in good time so children can enjoy all the facilities the school has to offer.

School’s responsibilities

  • Provide opportunities for children to develop their faith and become confident and caring Catholics.
  • Provide your children with a safe, inclusive and accessible learning environment.
  • Follow safeguarding procedures to ensure children are protected and safe from harm.
  • Provide a full and balanced curriculum appropriate to the needs of every pupil.
  • Provide regular, appropriate homework.
  • Expect high standards, good behaviour and mutual respect in every aspect of school life.
  • Have a consistent approach to rewarding positive behaviour so children feel valued and encouraged.
  • Have a consistent approach to tackling behaviour and ensure parents are contacted, to work together to ensure the highest standards of behaviour from all children.
  • Provide extra-curricular activities to develop the broader skills that will assist with the personal, social, physical and cultural development of pupils.
  • Respect the rights and needs of all staff, parents and children associated with the school.
  • Regularly communicate with parents to feedback the progress of their children.
  • Endeavour to provide all necessary information regarding the policies and activities of the school and its pupils.

As a parent/guardian I understand that I am responsible for disciplining my children or those under my care when they are not in school. I fully understand and am aware that the use of physical force in disciplining them may be illegal in certain circumstances. This may include when an implement has been used, where the use of force has resulted in an injury and the use of prolonged stress positions. (This is where children are placed in a position of discomfort for a long period of time). I understand that in these circumstances the school has a statutory duty to report such incident to Children’s Social Care and that the police may be asked to investigate.

Review date: September 2023

Home School-Agreement Declaration

I have read and understood the terms of this Agreement and will undertake all reasonable measures to ensure that myself and my son/daughter abide by its contents and contribute to the vision of St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School.

Signed by

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