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English Whole School Curriculum Overview

Learning Passports for English

At St Peter Chanel, we use learning passports to ensure that all children leave each year group having achieved at least all the key learning objectives required for them to sucessfully transition into the next year group. If parents want to support children at home, these documents are a good place to start. Please discuss these with class teachers if you are unsure how to use them. 


We follow the Little Wandle scheme to teach phonics from Year R up to Year 1 and for any children who do not meet the expected stabdrad in Years 2-6. At the end of Year 1 children take a phonic screener test which identifes if the children can competently decode words up to and including Phase 5 sounds. If they do not pass then they will retake it at the end of Year 2. If a child is still unable to pass the screener then they will continue to follow the Little Wandle catch-up programme into KS2. Below is a document that shows all the sounds children need to learn to be able to successfully read and write. These are broken down into phases and children progress through them as a class in their daily lessons. 


Alongside the curriculum we have apps that support reading, spelling and handwriting. These are used in school and at home, if parents need any support in logging into these then please speak to your class teacher. 

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