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St Peter ChanelCatholic Primary School

Inspire, Challenge & Empower so through Christ we make a difference

Catholic life at SPC

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Through the love of Christ we can

Inspire | Challenge | Empower

                                                            our children.


Our mission statement reflects the Catholic Values held by the school. Our whole school demonstrates the mission statement in everything we say and do.

We strive to enable our children to grow in independence and to value their relationship with God throughout their every day. We want our children to grow in love for themselves and one another, to show respect and kindness to their teachers and their peers, to have a clear understanding of friendship so our school is a place where they have the love and safety of good friends along with the forgiveness of others when they make mistakes. Our school values play a key role in shaping our children to be outstanding citizens and be the light of the world wherever they may go. 



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