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St Peter ChanelCatholic Primary School

Inspire, Challenge & Empower so through Christ we make a difference

Weekly Gospel assemblies

WHAT GOOD IS THE GOSPEL? – Bible.org Blogs

Autumn 1 themes

How are we called to follow Jesus at school?

- What does this look like?

Word of the week: Potential


When the path is hard- why choose it?

-What are our challenges every day? How can we use the support from God to ensure we make good choices?

Word of the week: Privilege 


How can we show great love in all that we do?

- Do you want to be like Mother Teresa? How can we use her as an example in our every day life at home and in school?

Word of the week: Humble


How can we follow St Thérèse’s Little Way?                           

-What little acts of kindness can we do this week to make a big difference to someone's life?

Word of the week: Gratitude


Giving thanks- The ten lepers

- How can we give thanks? Who do we need to thank more?

Word of the week: Abundance 


Gospel reflections to do at home


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